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Cochabamba is the third largest city of Bolivia. It has an important industrial and agricultural development. Located at 2,570 meters from the sea level, the city of Cochabamba is considered the "Capital of the valleys".

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Because of its pleasant climate, Cochabamba is known as the "eternal spring" city. Cochabamba is a very active city with many parks and attractions.

How to get to Cochabamba

As Cochabamba is located in central Bolivia it is easy to reach by road from any point of the country. It also has a major airport that connects Cochabamba with the major Bolivian cities.

Travel time by bus from Cochabamba:
From La Paz: 7 hours; From Oruro: 4 hours; From Santa Cruz: 10 hours; From Potosi: 10 hours; From Villa Tunari: 3 hours; From Puerto Villaroel: 7 hours.

Cochabamba City

Cochabamba is a vigorously developed city with a thriving business that combines modern architecture with many old buildings around the main city square: Plaza 14 de Septiembre.

Among the most important buildings are

Cochabamba’s Metropolitan Cathedral de (Catedral Metropolitana de Cochabamba): its construction was started in 1701. It retains many elements of colonial religious art.

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Cochabamba City, Bolivia

Cathedral Passage (Pasaje Catedral): A colonial passage located behind the Metropolitan Cathedral with a fountain. The place is used for cultural events and it has an art gallery.

Portales Palace (Palacio Portales): "Tin baron” Simon Patino Iturri’s personal residence, it was built between 1915 and 1925. Almost all of its fine construction materials were imported from abroad. Today the Palace is a cultural center. It is located in the neighborhood Queru Queru.

Concorde’s Christ (Cristo de la Concordia): The most famous monument in Cochabamba, a symbol of the city and the most visited touristic attraction. The Christ was built with reinforced concrete in 1989 and has a height of 33.40 m. (it is said to be the highest in the world). Built by Cesar and Walter Terrazas Pardo, the Christ is located on the top of Cerro San Pedro, from where visitors get an excellent view of the city. To get to the Christ, it is best to take the panoramic cable car service. Hours: 9 am to 5 pm.

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Mariscal Santa Cruz Park: A recreational park frequented by the Cochabambinos (Cochabamba inhabitants). It has games for children, an area with tropical plants, water fountains, etc.

Botanical Garden "Martin Cardenas": Has a great variety of cactus species and a collection of plant specimens from different continents, beautiful trees and native shrubs in pleasant gardens and trails.

Crown Heroines Monument (Monument Heroinas de la Coronilla): The monument stands in tribute to the independence movement led by Manuela Gandarillas in May 27, 1812. Located on San Sebastian hill, from where you have a panoramic view of the city.

Iglesia Santo Domingo: Church built in 1778, it has the typical architectural features of the plateau temples.

Laguna Alalay: A lagoon near the city where many people travel to spend time outdoors. You can walk, ride a bike and practice bird watching.

Major Events (parties) of Cochabamba are:

- Virgen de la Candelaria Party: February 2

- Virgen de Urkupiña Party: August 15

Cochabamba Museums:

Archaeological Museum - UMSS

The museum has a collection of elements of different pre-Columbian cultures. You can see mummies, textiles, items made of stone, metal, etc. There is also a section devoted to paleontology. Address: C. Jordan # 199. Hours: 8:00 am. to 6:00 pm.

Natural History Museum Alcide D'Orbigni

The museum is dedicated to research, preservation and dissemination of science. It has an important sector of paleontology. Address: Potosi Ave. # 1458. Hours: 3:00 pm. to 7:00 pm.

Casona Santivañez Museum

The museum is housed in a large period house that was inhabited by important personalities. There are furniture, decor and colonial and republican art. Hours: 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum is located in the Palacio Portales.

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